Recording Studio Designs In Leeds

Recording- Studio- Designs- In- Leeds


For Recording Studio Designs In Leeds come to the experts at ASI-Acoustic Sound Installations. Based in the Manchester area, they have worked regularly over the Pennines; providing first-rate service that is always competitively priced. Through unsurpassed technical know how, design build and test experience, you can be assured all work will be carried out to the highest standards possible.

In Leeds, ASI have carried out essential recording studio designs work for many small to medium studios so they are properly soundproofed. Using the latest technology, their team of highly experienced and knowledgeable acoustic consultants who through their friendly persona, are able to talk through-with the client-exactly what is required to minimise noise in and out of the studio.

For recording studio designs in Leeds, you gain immediate peace of mind you are in the hands of accomplished professionals at ASI. Incorporating over 30 years’ experience in the sound installation sector, the dedicated team at Acoustic Sound Installation have the credentials to tackle any project-large or small-effectively and promptly. Don’t hesitate, for a competitive quote that is most agreeable, contact ASI now-you won’t be disappointed.