Enquiry Regarding Sound Proofing Walls In Manchester


We’ve had an Enquiry Regarding Sound Proofing Walls In Manchester from a firm of solicitors who had acquired a new office premises and needed a specialist in sound proofing to provide an estimate of cost. Having been recommended to ASI, we were delighted to offer our expertise that has been honed over 30 years within the industry sector.

In Manchester, ASI-Acoustic Soundproofing Installations have carried many succesful  sound proofing projects from recording studios to music rooms; home cinema’s to office meeting rooms, giving each project their undivided attention which results in quality workmanship that can’t be matched. With unlimited experience and knowledge, you are assured our team will deliver the right sound proofing solution for you.

With the enquiry regarding sound proofing walls in Manchester, we have carried out a ‘free’ estimate through our initial survey that was agreeable to the client. We now are undertaking the project through our team of highly qualified acoustic consultants whose job entails identifying potential noise problems and installing the necessary materials to combat this. Using the latest sound proofing technology, ASI will complete sound proofing walls effectively and efficiently.