Home Cinema Installation In Bowdon



When you want a first-rate Home Cinema Installation In Bowden, its good to know there is a South Manchester home cinema specialist who can bring the big screen to the confines of your own home: Acoustic Soundproofing Installations. Boasting over 30 years’ experience in acoustic installation, ASI are the ‘go to’ experts for those who want an all round professional home cinema installation service.

Ever more popular, in Bowdon and throughout the North West, ASI will carry out a home cinema installation effectively; correctly soundproofing your finished cinema room so you can relax in tranquil settings to enjoy ‘movie night’ with family and friends. With extensive knowledge and experience in eradicating acoustic noise problems, their team of acoustic consultants deliver a friendly, professional service that starts from initial expert advice to installing the right materials to combat noise problems.

Once you have chosen your components, its time to have your home cinema installation in Bowdon managed by ASI. They will work towards building your home cinema room with the emphasis on soundproofing effectively with the latest technology at their finger tips. Carried out by qualified full-time staff they guarantee competitively priced quotes for all work carried out.

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