(This is at the discretion of Acoustic Soundproofing Installations which will consider location and size of works)


Office– a serious consideration for any company, is to have sound proofed offices to minimise disruption and stress than can occur with excess noise. An integral part in increasing productivity and employee morale, installing office soundproofing will provide a better working environment that ensures you keep your staff happy.

Homes– noise pollution is a real factor for your home; causing many homeowners stress levels to rise with noisy neighbours, heavy traffic, loud tv’s and radios all contributing. It’s a fact of life, that unless you live in the countryside, you will be affected by noise. By installing the correct soundproofing, you can reduce noise in your property significantly.

Factory– whether your factory is located in a residential area or not, the need to have the correct acoustic soundproofing is extremely important. Perhaps you have a night shift policy in place or you are realising productivity is decreasing due to noise levels, its imperative you employ experts to combat your problem.


Aircraft– having a planning application that is in an urban environment where aircraft noise is a major contributing factor to noise pollution. By dealing with an expert within the sector, you can gain peace of mind ‘the experts’ will offer planning advice and assessments for the developer or alternatively working for the council to reach a successful conclusion.

Rail–  where a rail link may be affecting your property or business, with an impending new development that could increase the noise levels dramatically. Expert advice is needed to come up with a solution through a detailed service that involves acoustic reports and expertise from acoustic professionals.

Vehicle–  you may be affected by a highways expansion programme; an increase in the volume of traffic in your residential area; development of your business premises. By employing an acoustic expert, problems arising from traffic and its consequences to you domestically or commercially will be addressed.

Motorway– noise from a major motorway network is causing your stress levels to rise. Considering planning permission that has to take into account a motorway section. Expert advice -whether developer or on behalf of an authority-is necessary for a succesful conclusion.


Home Cinema– for a totally peaceful sanctuary in your home, a home cinema room that is correctly soundproofed is the perfect place to get away from it all. By keeping out annoying noise and outside sounds, you can relax accordingly

Sound Studios– sound proofing your sound studio not only keeps out unwanted ‘outside’ noise but also helps to keep the sounds within the studio from leaking out; giving you the perfect environment to work in.

Band Rehearsal Rooms – an important consideration when rehearsing is to hear what you actually playing clearly and accurately. Absorbing any frequency soundwaves is key with appropriate acoustic soundproofing.

Privacy Rooms– reducing the levels of sound that enter and leave a meeting room is extremely important for confidentiality in the workplace. Soundproofing is a necessity in the commercial sector, keeping your conversations private and thus your meetings productive.